Golfing pleasure

Work to improve your handicap or quietly enjoy playing in a picturesque landscape. Are you looking for a 9-hole course or would you prefer playing on an 18-hole course?  Perhaps a driving range meets your needs? Golf in South Tyrol has a privileged position, with numerous types of courses each with unique features in magnificent settings. Appiano offers two options: the Freudenstein Castel Golf Club and the new "Blue Monster" forming part of the Appiano Golf Club, built in 2015.

A number of other courses near Appiano include the Dolomiti Golf Club in Nonstal Valley and the Lana Gutshof Brandis Golf Club in the locality of Lana. Higher up on the Karerpass mountain pass is the Carezza Golf Club; while in Eggental Valley there’s the Petersberg Golf Club.

With such a wide selection, all you have to do is load your golf bag in the boot and get going!

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